Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Work, LP SS/2013 Capetown SA

Here's some new work for the Indian men's brand LP. Its for their 2013 Spring Summer campaign thats running now. We shot in Capetown which has to be one of my favorite cities in the world, kind of reminds me of my home town of Vancouver.

I ordered a bunch of strobe heads and battery packs but ended up using almost none of it. Producer wasn't thrilled about that one ;-)

This entire campaign was pretty much all natural light. All the haze/reflection type effects are in camera and I tried to shoot through as many different elements I could: shrubs, grass, branches etc... I even got my assistant to hold elements directly in front of the lens.

I wanted a very editorial, voyeuristic approach to this campaign so making sure there was always something in the foreground, reflecting or blurring was key.

Almost no photoshop here save for contrast control and a bit of cross processing.


Randy said...

No photoshop! Fantastic. Treating it as the art form it is, and masterfully created. Thanks for sharing!

Richard Wintle said...

Wow. Brave approach, putting "things in the way"... I'm curious how your clients reacted, particularly on site - I could see them scratching their heads and fidgeting in worry as you shoot their models through window glass, foliage, and whatever else. :)

Oh, and +1 million points for the Ford GT in the last photo. ;)

bycostello said...

fantastic set of imagees...

Anonymous said...

Martin, I have only recently come across your blog, and have found it both interesting and inspirational. Thank you.

I have over the past 6months taken up both Photography & mediation, and have a long way yet to travel with both, though I am finding both are helping with my journey.

I hope to read more of your thoughts, photography, and philosophy as quite clearly all three are intertwined. Thank you for sharing.