Sunday, July 14, 2013

"We Forget Everything", a love letter to Bombay

When I first heard Ryan Stively's "We Forget Everything" I was struck by the parallel between my life and the lyrics; I knew right away I wanted to put the music to a visual form.

Why is photography such a powerful medium? Is it because it helps us to remember? Our memories and experiences are who we are, they are what make our personalities, we are a collection of our past aggregate experience.

...and eventually we forget everything, memories fade and the crystal ball of our past becomes fuzzy and incoherent. Its a horrifying thought, actually.

I wanted to create something that reminded me of why I began to photograph in the first place; the un-pressured joy of seeing the world, of paying attention to life, of doing something for the pure aliveness you feel doing it.

So here's a little film, a love letter to the crazy and madly connected city that has so graciously adopted me.

I won't say anymore...enjoy.

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