Thursday, April 10, 2014

Breakbounce Shoot

This was one of the more fun and creative shoots that had come along in awhile and I thought I'd share our creative process.

Final Car Island image

Final Raft Image

Breakbounce is a funky startup brand that's based out of Bangalore India and focusses primarily on the youth oriented street wear market. They're a mad consortium of artists and fashion designers that are pushing the boundaries not only in the street wear market but experimenting with art installations and guerrilla marketing.

I've worked with creative director Arun Kumar on a few jobs now and we've always had a great time with fantastic results. Probably one of my favourite shoots with him was our Signature Golf shoot that we did in Bangkok about 2 years ago.

Arun had sketched out the concepts and sent them to me. I immediately knew these would be fun as hell to pull off. Logistically it would tricky; balancing strobe with sunlight, heavy art direction and compositing layers of plate images for the background.

The brief was "Urban Explorers"

Car Island concept sketch
Raft concept sketch

On set in Capetown for the car image. The car was painted and we had all the grass brought in. We also set decked the garage to the right, adding signage and tires.

example of plate used for Car BG

Below are various plate shots I took for the background composite. Its important to match the height of camera, focal length and focal distance so that the plates can match with the main image seamless without a lot of warping. I also shot a wide assortment of trees, traffic signals, cars, dockyards etc... for the post team to have an abundance of plates to work with. Equipment used was Canon 5D 2/3, 24-70L, Profoto power pack, beauty dish on stand and an assortment of skimmers and flags. The sun gave a nice rim light.

Example of location plate used for Raft BG

Here is a sample of the main car image. This is RAW and un-retouched, the x mark the areas for compositing.

Styling of the shoot was key to the Urban Explorers theme. This is me messing around but in reality our stylist Lyal did an amazing job, sourcing all sorts of props and cool headgear.

Our 3 final selected models: Parker, Josh and Sean and their portfolio images

Its a wrap in Capetown with Nitisha, Arun and Javed's Mindblowing team

Flying back to Bombay, tired as hell.

Client: Breakbounce, Nitisha Kapur
Agency: AKC (Arun Shyamala Kumar Creative Consultancy)
Photographer: Martin Prihoda
Producer: Javed Aboobaker, Mindblowing Productions, Capetown
Production assistant: Liya Baderoen
Camera assistant: Zach
Stylist: Lyal Seba
Art direction: Lana Goodall
Hair and Makeup: Nathaline
Post Production: Featherwax UK


Unknown said...

Hi Martin... awesome shoot...! great to know the work behind the shots...! wel is there any specific reason for using 35mm instead of medium format?

Martin Prihoda said...

no need to use medium format, it was a comped image so alot was shot separately, this allowed us to focus quite closely on each element, giving us a high enough resolution.

Unknown said...

Martin prihoda - even bigger fan of you and your work mate....! Looking forward to our first meeting.