Monday, November 28, 2011

Cosmopolitan November 2011 Cover story

Sometimes its the case that the higher profile the client, the less creative you can be. Though they are one of my favorite clients and this is my second cover story with them, Cosmopolitan has notoriously stringent rules regarding everything from the pose of the model, to the lighting and the background.

Its interesting and fun in its own way, to have to be able to deliver with such tight restrictions. I love my personal projects in that they're unbounded and free but working with a strict brief is also good for honing one's skill.

These images were lit simply with a 6 foot parabolic on a stand. The Para allows me to focus or soften the light as I see fit.

Photography: Martin Prihoda
Styling: Aradhana Baruah
H/M: Shaan Muttahil
Retouching: Natalie Buskila

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