Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Advanced Lighting Workshop dates announced

We've announced the new dates of the next Big Lights Far Away workshop, July 24, 25 and 26th in Vancouver!

Learning to balance ambient light with strobe, as in the picture above, is one of the fundamental skills taught in the BLFA workshops. Photo by Martin Prihoda

The workshop is designed to take advanced amateur photographers to the next level by giving them the lighting skills necessary to make their photography more marketable. As well, we'll be sharing essential business tips needed to work with large and demanding clients.

We'll be covering location lighting for fashion and editorial shoots as well as learning how to effectively work with a crew of professionals; from hair and makeup, to stylists and models. All crew used are professionals in their own right, thus allowing students the environment to effectively raise their skill level.

In my experience, professional photography is a juggling act between technical proficiency, artistic vision, tact and patient determination. A superior understanding of light; both strobe and ambient, and the mixture of the two while dealing with various logistic factors is the driving intention behind the Big Lights Far Away workshop series.

Also included in the cost is a seminar and one on one portfolio review and personal career coaching.

Spots are limited to only 10 students and we expect to fill up fast, so come join us!


Corry Pepper said...

Really wanting to come to this workshop-are you going to have hotel information, equipment needed for workshop? I NEED this information-love your work:)

Cruz said...

Awesome...glad 2 hear. Am gonna be there for ur lecture for sure. I havnt ventured into flash unsure abt the rest. Also since am plannin to return to India in Aug, cant afford much :) but def wanna meet you though. Cheers.