Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Toilet of Irony

A man runs out of toilet paper in a bathroom constructed of toilet paper rolls...

There's inevitably going to be down time in your life as a working artist. Down time is actually a real blessing in disguise; its an opportunity to push your envelope without fear of reprisal from clients.

Its also a great chance to hook up with some young up and coming agency creatives and produce some spec ideas with them. If they love what you've done, there's a fighting chance on their next job you could be on their list of bidding photographers.

A lot of my favorite work and a good chunk of the work that has got me hired, is the stuff i did on my own in 'down time.' 


Susan Jones said...

So you did build it! woohoo!
Mel said you would have.

Eddie Birk said...

This is great! Love the idea.

rodbotic said...

the sound dampening must have been amazing.

scott tangent said...

after injesting an image so steeped in irony, i literally shit my pants, which added a whole new level on irony. i can tell it's good art when i have to do an extra load of laundry after viewing it.