Thursday, December 4, 2008

new work this fall

Its been a crazy fall and I've had a total blast. here's a quick on the links to get more indepth coverage.

The summer ended with another amazing, eye opening, spiritually re-vitalizing, trip down to Burning Man, and though the dust was horrendous and I didn't shoot as much as I wanted (I did bring a gennie and strobes down), I did manage to get a shot of my beautiful fiance in the desert. I love the juxtaposition of the harsh desert setting, the cracked dry earth and the softness of Tonia's body. This was all natural lighting and definitely one of my favorite shots.

In september I held my first Big Lights Far Away workshops and it was such a great experience for everyone involved. Click here to read more!

After that it was down to LA for some sun and shooting. I teamed up with my tribe from the Self Centered Tour and we shot some editorial as well shot for Malik's new album (in stores soon) and also for the great and eccentric surfer and raw organic Chef of the People, Nathan Donahoe.

My friend Vanessa Fors has a cool fashion blog/site, we shot for it earlier this fall. Check out some photos here

Check out my buddy Jesse's band Scatterheart.
I photographed them for an upcoming album, see photos here

After that it was New York with my buddies Wade Morrisette and Corwin (Red Wagon management). This was a fun trip and involved alot of me shooting from the hip, literally. 

and so now here comes christmas, I'm looking forward to spending time with family and friends and drafting up some New years intention...I'm sure I'll write about them soon, lol.

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August Kryger said...

Beautiful shots, the light on your fiance photo is great. I'd love to go to Burning Man some day soon. I just recently discovered your blog, I really am enjoying learning about your photography, technique, and journeys. Keep up the good work.