Wednesday, August 13, 2008

33 and counting

i turned 33 the other day. I don't really feel any older. Actually I feel younger...this picture is of me doing some acroyoga with Mane and I don't think i could have done this before I started practicing yoga. It reminds me of that Buck Rogers Episode where they go to that planet and the aging process is reversed, so you have all these infantile adults and older folks and the place is run by 5 year olds.

well, i guess its kinda like that here sometimes too.


Nathanael said...

Age is a tricky thing to feel with any accuracy. Sometimes I'm old, sometimes I'm not, it all depends on my mood. Can't say I've ever felt older on my birthday, though. The only time my age "changes" is after a humbling event, when I'm reminded that I either have a lot of living left to do, or that I've wasted some time getting to this point.
I don't know if you post was meant to be thought provoking, but it did get me thinking. Glad I stopped by.



LanderPhotography said...

the guy in the background cracks me up, great job!