Monday, June 30, 2014

Beauty Images

This was a fairly standard commercial Beauty setup. Four lights:

1 head on a softbox above the model about 45 degrees and about 4 feet away, below the model is a sunbounce reflector which bounces the light back up into her face. The other benefit of this is two nice catchlights in the eyes, which enhances that 'fresh and clean' look.

2 rim lights on stripboxes, 45 degrees behind the model. I love the separation rim lights give, very clean and sharp.

1 backburst flash behind the model against the backdrop. This gives further separation and creates contrast between the BG and the model, giving a glow as well making masking easier.

This lighting is perfect for the more commercial aspect of beauty photography. It eliminates shadows on the skin and is perfect for beauty and cosmetic brands. its not as great for that editorial feel I find, which is more conducive to shadow play and mystery.

Photography: Martin Prihoda
H/M: Billy Bow
Models: Nadine and Cariad.
assisted by Vijit Gupta
retouching: Jatin Lulla


Subhash Bohra said...

WoW !!! Thanks for explaining the setup !!! Please add more (read a lot ) posts like this.

Unknown said...

Hi Martin!

I enjoy your blog and follow your work.

On the first image, is that Mocha #76 Savage Seamless? I love that color! Also, is the background head placed directly behind the model, on the floor? I was wondering how you got the burst so centered with the head on the floor.

Thanks! Mark Adams