Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creating Mental Space

On any given day I do the following:

Coordinate with: stylists, producers, retouchers, model and advertising agencies, photo editors, art directors, camera vendors, studio managers. I answer emails, write emails, have breakfast and dinner with my family, pay suppliers, talk to my accountants and finance team, book fights, chase clients for late payments, go to pre-production meetings, go to pitch meetings, spend time with my kid, create reference slides, edit images and/or footage, create estimates, make invoices, maybe even shoot something.

Its really easy to get lost in all of it and even easier to lose track of why you're doing it in the first place.

What helps me get through all this and still enjoy a glass of wine at night with my wife is a committed meditation practice. Here's how I feel if I don't meditate:

-mentally drained
-loss of reference
-difficulty concentrated on one task
-loss in sight of larger goals
-negative and limited thinking
-the world seems more closed
-a sense of sadness

What sitting for 30 minutes a day does to one's mental space is incredible. I think that with all the scientific study around the practice of meditation its safe to say that the practice is no longer the secretive realm of monks and yogis. Its a legitimate tool for better living.

Meditation creates mental space. A sense of unboundedness. Breathing room in a cluttered world that moves at lighting speed. Sitting in quiet silence makes room for the awareness we need to set strong, affirming intentions.

Here's what I feel with a daily, committed meditation practice :

-heightened awareness
-more 'in the moment' presence
-less reactivity, more compassion
-sense of expansion
-able to set clear intentions
-improved relationships with others
-improved concentration
-increased sense of abundance

overall, happier.

You can start with 5 minutes a day, and then increase as you go. You'll notice the difference right away.

1. choose a time you wont be disturbed, I prefer the early morning before everyone gets up
2. light a candle, or incense or whatever you choose to create that 'sacred' space
3. sit comfortably with your back straight, close your eyes
4. breath deeply and focus your attention on your breath
5. when you mind becomes distracted simply bring it back to your breath.
6. when your chosen time is up, open your eyes slowly and take a few moments to relax before starting your day.

your life will begin to change for the better ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love hearing about your approach to the mental side of photography and life. It's so easy not to take the time out to look after ourselves.

Thanks for the posting. :-)

Rocky said...

Whatever you have written is absolutely true!! meditation is a definite way towards a fulfilling life, and it is for everyone.