Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrapping it up in Dubai

I'm going to do a longer blog on this years GPP Dubai 2012 but this is just a quick post as I sit in my quiet little hotel room pondering the amazing week i just had.

I finally got to meet and drink beer with someone who has always supported me and taught me, directly, how powerful social media is. Mr. David Hobby, aka the strobist, you are a scholar and a was great to finally meet you and put a live voice to the blog.

I spent the week surrounded by amazing photographers. From the brilliance of Greg Heisler to the authentic dry wit of legendary photojournalist Dave Burnett and of course light master Joe McNally, the place was awash in photographic inspiration. I met a lot of the people who are dominating the online space; Zack Arias, Steve Simon, David Tejada and of course Bobbi Lane and David Nightingale. Claire Rosen and Chris Hurtt rocked their workshops and wedding photog Louis Pang brought down the house with his hilarious presentations.

Of course Mohamed and Hala put together an awesome week. Gulf Photo Plus is on its way to becoming one of the worlds premier photo events.

I'm a bit sun burnt and luckily have left myself a few days to relax and do some personal shooting before heading of to Mumbai. Between Dubai and the Auzzie workshop i've hardly seen Tonia and Jai in the last month...and am looking forward to a massive hug or two.

watch this space for some of the personal work on migrant factory workers in Dubai...should have some images up soon


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Fayez Photo said...

Thank you very much on your effort to teach us and deliver your experience in the photography. Really, I like the technique you are using.

Waiting for your full blog about Dubai visit and our workshop.

Best wishes