Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off to Jaipur

Cosmo India April 2012 cover shoot. Working hard...or hardly working?
hardly working it is!

Just wrapped a cover shoot for Cosmo India, the April edition and barely have I backed up my drives when its off to Jaipur to shoot for some of my favorite clients.

This is my 4th campaign for a great Indian clothing company called Anokhi. The owners, Pritam and Rachel, have become like family and I wish all my clients were as open, conscious and welcoming as this family run business.

Tonia, Jai, Karen (mom in law) and I are all flying up for a fun three days on a 60 acre Organic farm just outside of Jaipur. We'll be joined by my trusty assistant Vijay and of course Mithika, my producer.

There's a picture around every corner in Rajasthan so hopefully there'll be a tiny bit of free time for some personal shots...maybe during the location scout as the shoot days are pretty crazy.

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