Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cover shoot for Marie Claire India with Sonam Kapoor, June 2011

For the 5th anniversary of Marie Claire in India, we shot the beautiful, smart and funny Sonam Kapoor. My first cover shoot for Marie Claire, I absolutely loved working with this team. Its amazing what you can do with one big beautiful light, a run down studio in bombay and about 3 set pieces

Photographed by Martin Prihoda

Art Director: Manoj Bhramar
Styled by Nikhil D
Hair/Makeup by Namrati Soni
Produced by Akrati Fulwadya
Fashion Editor: Pearl Shah
Assisted by Vijit Gupta


Craig Peihopa said...

Beautiful images Martin, beautiful subject.

Cruz said...

She carries herself like a feather n the pictures reflect that too. Love the way u hav used DOF to keep the red down n she looks great. Curious abt the exp on the last but one!

Eduardo B. said...

Hi Martin, I'm a photographer from Brazil and I really feel inspired by your images and specially by your philosophy of life. Did you use only one light in all pictures? Can you share with us what was the light modifier?