Monday, February 21, 2011

New ad work for AXE

here's some new work we just finished up for AXE in Mumbai. I have no idea what a 'Googly' is, but it paid my rent this month. 

It's the cricket world cup and everyone is going crazy!!

Thanks to my team especially my producer Mithika and Paul at The Orange Apple. Also a big shout out to my agency peeps; Ameya and Tasneem over at Lowe Lintas. 

Hair/Makeup: Shikha 
Styling: Leepakshi


AB said...

awesome work as usual Martin...ur comment about the googly made me smile...ur in cricket land now:)

Timm said...

Think "sinking curve ball" and you should be getting close.

drew said...

A right-handed leg spinner spins a ball anti-clockwise, using the same motion as turning on a tap.
Normally, when this ball lands on the ground, it will spin off to the left.

A googly is when the bowler releases the ball, usually from the back of the hand, with the arm in such a position that the ball spins so that it bounces off the ground to the right.

I can't see any parallel with deodorant though.

Cruz said...

Super cool.

Googly - its just like life. One who throws knows it, one who faces is always kept guessing. Whether it wud turn his way/ other way ;)

Moses Sison said...

Great stuff Martin -

Googly is actually referring to someone's eyes when looking at something sexy. "Googly Eyes"

Sushant said...

hi there.. who's the model in the purple?