Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awesome Student Photos! "Big Lights Far Away" at the GPP - Dubai

well, I'm back from the desert after a fantastic week teaching with the awesome folks of Gulf Photo Plus; specifically Hala and Mohammed!

I tend to forget how much I love teaching until I'm actually at it and this time was no different. Both my workshops were sold out with a waiting list and the student feedback has been incredible. So much so that I'm ramping up my workshop series with another Big Lights Far Away event, January 2011 in my hometown of Vancouver.

the workshops covers many of the technical aspects of Lighting Big as well as offering lots of shooting time and I also discuss some of the business aspects of my photography and share funny anecdotes of my experiences so far.

the best thing for me is seeing inspired students taking amazing photographs.

Check out some student work below!


Anonymous said...

Hey Martin, thanks for stopping by. It was great to have you here. Looking forward for the March GPP!


AB said...

Hey Martin...i didnt know you teach!! in case you have a workshop in Bombay please let me know!!! Id love to attend!!alternately - can i volunteer to assist you pls? it need not be for a fashion not looking for a break in the merely a serious hobbyist..wont carry any of my gear...just want to observe you in action!!

rfphotoart said...

The Prihoda influence...a beautiful thing!

Anonymous said...

so.... who took these photos? credits?