Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vogue India: September 2010, The New Indian Aesthetic

Art Director: Brendan Allthorpe
Photo editor: Iona Fergusson
Stylist: Petal Deas
Hair/Makeup: Namrata Soni
Production: Anusha Lalwani
Location: Project 88, Colaba Mumbai

Photographer: Martin Prihoda


rob jaudon said...

Congrats Martin!!

Pavithra said...

congrats! amazing work!

Dan said...

Hi Martin!
Awesome job as usual ! lighting, posing and all the technical look dead on. Just one thing.. Whats up with all these wild backgrounds ? was the art director drunk? :)
Again .. amazing work as far as you're concerned ..

AB said...

im very impressed with ur work!! Loved the pics and attention to detail..