Saturday, August 21, 2010

back from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Just got back from Jaipur yesterday after shooting for my clients (now friends) at Anokhi. One of the great things about shooting out and about the countryside is the opportunity to grab a few portraits of the many great faces of this colorful part of India. I must say that Rajasthan could very well be the most photogenic state in the country.

Tonia and Jai came up with me and it was wonderful to again stay with Pritam, Rachel (and daughters) on their organic farm just outside Jaipur city. Now its back to work in the craziness of Mumbai!

Next trip is early september to Gujurat to shoot for the UK based NGO, Childreach.


Unknown said...

Beautiful stuff Martin ... Love the last 3 images .. gives such a nice "me and my place" feel to it.
Great stuff here. Looking forward for your Guj post once you are back from there.


AB said...

i liked the 1st and 3rd pic a lot Martin!! while i do agree rajasthan does have its far as photography is concerned, dont underestimate rural checkout a place called "panchgani"..its a 5 hour drive from bombay:)