Friday, August 28, 2009

GQ India Cover story - September 2009

Hrithik Roshan needs no introduction if you happen to be a fan of Bollywood movies. Starring in over 20 films, Hrithik is one of the most recognizable faces in India. Its always a pleasure working with a pro and Hrithik brought it.

Most photos are lit with a single strobe above with beauty dish/softbox. On a few setups we had a back burst with a medium grid to give some separation between Hrithik and the wall.

Styled by Arjun Bhasin
GQ art director: Brendan Allthorpe
GQ Producer/Photo Editor: Gizelle Cordo, Alecka Micklewright
Hair: Kanta Motwani-Kromakay  
Makeup: Vijay Palande
Set Design: Pinakin
Assistant Stylist: Tania Fadte
Photography: Martin Prihoda


amira said...

nicely done, martin!
is there any way i can see more from the same photo shoot?

Alejandra Aguirre said...

You are a star Martin!

Matthew Hogan said...

Martin, I'm so glad you're "back"! Hehe... Amazing work as always!

Gu said...

Hi Martin, what megapixel sensor did you shoot with for the blowup billboard in the blog?

Glad to see India is working out well for you.

Thanks for your time.

amira said...

more please!!!

Annette Afonso said...

Congratulations Martin!

Unknown said...

Your work continues to amaze us.

Anonymous said...

Real glad I was able to find you out here and follow you.. Huge fan of GQ Mag.. Keep up the good work and an absolute five star rating on your Hrithik Roshan cover story.. Looking forward to more of your work..

Naomi Sarah.

Pavithra said...

amazing lighting! Congrats for GQ! im loving ur work! :)