Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raw Canvas

For the best coffee in town check out Raw Canvas on Hamilton street (1046) in Yaletown. Run by my awesome friends Steve Merkley (pictured), Paige Faraci and Colby Spencer, this place is amazing. Not only can you get a great Americano but you can purchase a canvas and paint your heart out in the back. Its got a great atmosphere, hip furniture and they're working on their liquor license. 

If i'm not back from India by the summer, I'm gonna have my birthday there.


john said...

place sounds really schweet.

gbenz said...


Your work is outstanding. Do you have a Feedburner email setup or anything like that where I can get your blog straight into my email? (or an RSS feed?)


Anonymous said...

Vivid colours Martin...Enjoy your holiday in India and keep the balance :-)

Whencutdeep said...

Superb.. dig the pic.. and good to hear about the place too!

Enjoy the trip to India!