Monday, March 14, 2011

A Top 10 list for manifesting Success

who doesn't love a Top 10 list?!

The below points are all things that I currently 'employ/struggle with' in my climb up the undulating, mountainous, jagged, plateauing and ultimately beautiful journey of a career in photography.

Here we go:

10. Be kind to yourself. It can be a big bad world out there and the last thing you need to do is stand in your own way. Besides, all good things in your life start from a friendship with yourself.

9. Keep your word. As well as keeping it, don't give it out so much.

8. Take care of your physical and mental health. Your body and mind are the primary tools of you soul's expression. You wouldn't believe it but I've met my fair share of overweight, unhealthy photographers who eat fast food, don't exercise but take immaculate care of their photo equipment. Weird.

7. Know your intention. Before you comment or act on anything in life; know your intention behind your words/action. Two identical actions can have very different intentions and very different effects.

6. Speak the truth. Tough one, but if you follow step #7 above, it shouldn't be too hard. Truth carries great power and weight and if you use it wisely you'll garner respect; most importantly for yourself.

5. Commit yourself to life long learning. Education didn't stop for me at university. In fact most of my greatest moments of learning came from outside an institution. Seek out your teachers carefully; they hide in some strange places.

4. Know where you've been. Honor your past and where you've come from. You may not be proud of where you've come from or what you've accomplished but as you learn to love and heal your life, you'll come to see it was all a necessary process.

3. Know where you're going. Visualize, but more importantly try to feel what it's going to be like once you reach your goal. That way, you're living your accomplishments now and not later

2. Sit in Silence everyday. Meditation works for all the points above, creating a space between sensory input and reaction. Its this space that differentiates the enlightened being from the Not. You chose the time and length.

1. Always try to work with people more accomplished and better than you. Surround yourself with Masters and with friends who have the same commitment to their craft as you do. This will aid in your progress.

The Monkey Mind: Fickle, Envious, Reactive. Cute looking, but ultimately the enemy of Inner Peace. Likes nuts.


Joe G. said...

Nice post Martin. Words to live by.

Unknown said...


maya said...

Amazing piece :)

Cruz said...

Sometimes it feels like, am I right in my views, the path I tread...or could it be the other way. Then I always stumble upon write-ups like this. Very simple, humbling & straight. Some were like my reminders I had forgot to set. Many points to take from here, Martin. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

11. When in a cornfield, always sleep with one eye open.

Bernhard A S said...

Nice and deep post.
Something to think about.

Intersting connection to see the picture of the monkey.

I still could not figure out what the reference to "likes nuts" means in this context?

Is that a thing to be avoided?

Jan said...

Cheers mate, wisely spoken! I especially like #9.

Nicola said...

Wonderful post. Navigating through the fickleness (is that a word?) of the creative process without losing your mind is a lifelong lesson in patience and presence.

navdeep said...

nice post .. I agree with each point mentioned ..

J said...

thanks for the post. exactly what i needed to read right now.

Jan said...

Hej Martin, just wanted to let you know that your list made it into both my girlfriend's and my closet and I gave it to friends who posted it next to their bathroom mirror. I try hard to spread your words (but it's hard to get the heart listening)!
Take care, and best of luck from Vienna.

MOI said...

Thank you, Martin, for sharing your thoughts and experiences...Very inspiring...